Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scraper?

Scraper is a Wordpress plugin that copies content and posts automatically from any website.

What is the difference than other plugins?

The main feature of Scraper is flexibility. We provide a visual editor and you could scrape almost every website. It has some features that other plugins doesn't and these features makes possible to scrape more website.

Does it work with login or authentication?

Yes, it works. We both have functions for web login or form fill and authentication function that can be used with cookies. So you could easily get data from any website that has login.

Is there any feature to translate content?

Yes, it translates any content with Google Translate API. It supports all languages that supported by Google.

Is it possible to update prices on product?

Yes, with transform function, you could apply some regex expressions or mathematical functions for numbers. With this way, you could update numbers with yours or change the values with math functions.

Is it possible to get meta tags or JSON values on page?

Yes, that's possible. You could scrape HTML tags, meta tags, attributes or even JSON parts of page with visual editor.

How do I contact support?

You could contact with our support any time. Our support can be reached out via

How do I get purchase code for plugin?

After purchasing plugin on Envato market, Envato will send you an email that contains purchase code. You could license your plugin with this code easily. Every purchase code will be licensed to domain after defining it on settings panel.