Tutorial : Adding read more link to your post content

Source URL

In Scraper, it’s possible to modify post content. In this tutorial we’ll add read more link to post content. You could use same methods to add logo or any other HTML element for your fields.

For read more link, we need URL of post. In Scraper, they are already included in system and they can be used as a Scraper variable. The source URL can be used on content with {{source_url}} variable. You could add this shortcode to your post content in transform menu.

Getting First Paragraph

For post content, plugin automatically gets all paragraphs. If you want to get only first paragraph, you could modify post_content’s xpath expression like this :

//div[contains(@class, "description")]/p

Simply adding [1] at the end, will provide us only first paragraph.

//div[contains(@class, "description")]/p[1]


Please note that post_content field also has HTML sanitize function. You should disable it if you will add link or any HTML element. It can be disabled with changing part field to “HTML Source Code”.

Please also disableĀ “Strip HTML tags from source content” from Transform > “Clean & Split” menu.

Video Tutorial

Please watch video below for adding read more link to your post.