We detected some fields from this page. You could use them on your task. These fields detected by Scraper, they might be wrong for some cases. Please make sure they are correct before going production.
Field Sample Content Xpath Actions
{{stringClip(item.sample, 30)}}
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You could test your scraping model on this section. It will list all fields and URL's on this page. To see preview click "Run Scraping Model" below.

# Post URL {{field}}
{{$index+1}} {{limitString(item.URL)}}
{{stringClip(item.post[field], 30)}}
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In sandbox mode we only provide max. 8 results from model due to server capacity.

Please select serial item link or enter content link first!

Go to Feed section, select pick tool for serial item on sidebar, select your feed post's link.

Parse Method : HTML Meta Tags
Serial Items
Click button to connect element to Scraper data field.

Serial items are the sequential links of the contents. They should be specified to find content.

Item's Path
Item Count
It's single post, please only select post content fields.
Next Page (Pagination)

This feature scans next pages and continues to fetch with pagination. It only works if there is "next page" button.

Next Page Button
Post Fields
{{field.type == 'variable' ? field.name : field.type}}
Is Multiple?

Path ({{field.regexIndex}})

Wordpress Shortcode

You could use this variable with saving this task on shortcode method.

[scraper_shortcode task="{{form.hash}}" key="{{field.name}}"]
You need to save task to get shortcode. Save task and click update button to see shortcode.


Gallery shortcode can be applied with , but you could also append it to content field with clicking here.

Gallery Settings
{{specialNames[field.type == 'tags_input' ? field.name : field.type]}}
Type a sample to get suggestion
  • {{item.suggestion.sample}}